Answers to some common questions.

What is Gentleman?

Gentleman is a web-based projectional editor, which gives you the freedom to build and represent a model the way you want it.
You can define and use concepts (data structures, schemas) with the projections (visuals) that fits your needs and preferences.

How is it possible?

Gentleman uses projectionnal editing which decouples the data structure (concept) from its representation (projection). In doing so, it is possible to choose any projection to represent any concept.

Is Gentleman free?

Yes, Gentleman is free for private or commercial use. The code is licensed under the GPL License.

Is Gentleman open source?

Yes, you can find the code on GitHub.

Versionning system

Gentleman use the following versionning system: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

  1. Patch increments do not introduce any breaking changes. They reflect bug-fixes and code improvement.
  2. Minor increments do not introduce any breaking changes. They reflect the addition of new functionality in a backward-compatible manner, as well as UI changes.
  3. Major increments, however, will make incompatible API changes. They are used when the core is changed.

Who is Gentleman for?

You! You can use it to create your own editor or plug-in any concepts and projections and start modelling.

How can I contribute to Gentleman?

You are if you are using it already (thank you!). If you'd like to contribute to the core editor, please go to the GitHub repository.

How can I get help?

You can contact us or enter issues and feature requests directly in our repository.

How do I start using Gentleman?

Head to the application and start your experience with concepts and projections.
For a smooth experience, watch the Getting started tutorial