• Easy integration with any web application
  • Compatible with Ecore model
  • Support textual and tabular notations and multimedia content
  • Support multiple projections for a concept
  • Easy to switch the projections used against a model
  • Projections are defined with specialized UI elements


  • Mindmap

    Mindmap demo Organize your thoughts as a topic tree: central → main → sub → sub… and assign a marker to any topic for further organization.
  • Traffic Light

    Traffic light demo Configure a traffic light system as a state machine of lights and modes composed of lights.
  • TodoList

    TodoList demo Create a Todolist to get ready for the day, with many options (tags, recurrence) available to organize your tasks.
  • ReLiS

    ReLiS demo Configure a ReLiS project with ease from the screening phase to the report phase depending on your need.